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Intense and Greedy, The Loas Go with Ram

RAM 6 - " Manman M is Ginen " (Willibelle Publishing & Sales, 2016)

Six years after a terrible earthquake, followed by another that came in the form of rescue and reconstruction, Haiti is torn between hope, neglect of their leaders, complicity of the international community that profits from this tragedy. However, there continues to Haiti, standing. It supports the political and social fluctuations.

Richard A. Morse is RAM, those are his initials. Richard is a Haitian-American who did not miss the call of his country and since 1990 has been developing with RAM one of the most exciting episodes of music in the Haitian capital Port au Prince. Richard and RAM's have played in Haiti, to be involved in major conflicts, death threats and controversy. In fact, RAM has taken courageous political positions and commitment to the best interests of his country.

His sixth album "Manman M is Ginen" expected, he craved. And he spent more than a decade without any new job. His twelve pieces move in different orbits taking root music (mizik rasin) as its starting point. Among them are a suggestive Konpa entitled "Jije'm Byen" that is so familiar with that electric guitar Yonel Vendredi so attractive. Lunise voice, Morse's wife, the choirs and drums made of Max Blanc are other strengths.

Another highlight those songs is "Mele Ki Mwen", walker and penetrating, that does not let the ecstasy. Now, let the best RAM with "Koulou Koulou". The song passes in the vein of rare or Konpa accelerated or a Congolese soukous, is a vibrant song, with an unforgettable electric guitar that carries a highly catchy melody. On top of that, Emmanuel Wilson wrestles with a thick and accurate bass. In short, a matter of great carats. The repertoire is quite balanced, with parts in more moderate and sedate tempos.